Recruitment position Num Place Date
  • Workshop Manager 4 Shangyu 2019-03-21

    Workshop Manager

    Number of recruits: 4
    Working place: Shangyu

    Recruitment details:

    Job responsibilities 
    1. Host plant daily production, responsible for plant production, administrative and other leadership; 
    2. Responsible for the shop labor discipline and rules and regulations of implementation, and supervision process to work according to each group; 
    3. Supervise the quality of work, control the production of each group progress to resolve or report to the director of the production process problems; 
    4. Responsible for the plant site management, strict implementation of 5S system standard; 
    5. Ensure the optimal combination of plant productivity, and achieve quantitative assessment. 

    1. Tertiary and higher education.
    2. Years production management experience in the workshop, a large manufacturing plant management experience is preferred; 
    3. The well-known industry standards and product specifications, production processes and scientific practices, received ISO training, with excellent quality consciousness; 
    4. With job site personnel management and some administrative capacity, strong team leader and driving force, can be a very good analysis of issues and problem-solving; 
    5, has a strong organization, communication and coordination. 

  • International Trade Sales 4 Shangyu 2019-03-21

    International Trade Sales

    Number of recruits: 4
    Working place: Shangyu

    Recruitment details:

    1.Advanced English and office software skills.

    2. Good learning ability and communication skills.

    3. Basic sale skill and commercial knowledge.

    4. Have abilities of initiative, result orientation, analysis as well as team skills.

    5. Basic bushing product technology background.

    6. Bachelor's degree or above, major in electrics or commerce related.

    7. Have more than 1 years working experience.